What was created as
a necessity,
today has become a way
to express your uniqueness!

Wirehood, at first used only as a way to close the cork of sparkling wine, today is an extremely important part of Brand Identity.

This wire cage prevents the cork of sparkling wines from emerging under the pressure of the carbonated contents and guarantees safe-opening. A 'Muselet' (French: [myz.le]) is the result of assembling 3 parts: the belt, 4 legs and the wirehood cap (a metal circular cap that allows the Brand to have a unique image, declaring its uniqueness and protecting itself from frauds).

Following the best Italian Traditions we produce wirehoods in mild steel to make them extremely resistant to pressure and guarantee that the product is well sealed. Metallic wires are also perfectly elastic, which guarantees twisting and opening without the risk of breaking.

As we recognize the requirements of Today’s market, we offer our clients big opportunities of Brand Identity and communication.

Beyond the (upon request) customised coloured wirehoods’ twist, our technologies are able to produce fully customisable crown caps: custom printing and embossing (blind embossing, registered and combined).

We are sure that our production capacity, our customer-oriented service and our flexibility are the key ingredients to satisfy even the most demanding customer and to create a unique product.

Our philosophy is to build a trusting, fair and lasting relationship with our customer. We never stop on our achievements and always look forward.

The art of creation of the packaging:

Located in Lombardy, famous for its traditional wine production, the factory L is supplied with highly technological equipment that produces more than 5 000 000 wirehoods per month.

Our team is composed of highly specialized individuals with many years of experience in wine production.

Regardless of the quantity, we focus our attention on the requests of each client and we follow the project starting from the development of the design to the industrial production. Our specialists are an active part of the process from the creation of original layouts and graphics, to the selection of the materials and to printing methods. Thanks to all listed above, our clients receive an excellent product with prefect technical characteristics and exclusive design solution. Steady technical controls and multifunctional equipment make sure that ALAV SRL wirehoods won’t oxidize, break or change in quality.

The art of creating packaging
Located in the Lombardy region, famous for its wine tradition,
the ALAV SRL factory is equipped with highly technological equipment

Only sun energy for
our production

We don't use water
during our production,
so it's not polluted

Waste production
is recyclable

Warranty of quality

Mechanic and dimensional properties are strictly fulfilled, the belt is produced by a separate wire so it’s not bounded to the legs. This allows the legs to maintain their positioning also while they are partially twisted.

In order to guarantee the quality of our wirehoods, quality controls are carried out at each stage of the process:
• on receipt of raw materials
• during manufacture with periodic controls
• before packing with visual checks

The length, hold, flexibility, and stability are the key characteristics, which are checked when they pass through quality control.


Italian style
with ring twist
Italian style
with internal twist
French twist
For beer and cider
Your wirehood will have all the qualities to become a collectable!

Technical possibilities:

Cap colour
silver, gold, coloured
combined embossing
Cap custom printed oriented
Wirehood height without cap
33,8-38 mm
Coloured wire
diameter 0,95-1,00 mm
Twist in
free ring
Wirehood height with cap
38-40 mm
Wirehoods ALAV SRL - selected by the best wine producers in Italy!


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